Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In the springtime of his voodoo

The NHL has released it's preliminary rankings for the 2010 draft and some Moose are on there.

Mooseheads import defenceman Konrad Abeltshauser is listed as #13 amongst QMJHL skaters. I hope he is excited but not so excited that he jumps around. That might aggravate his knee injury.

While Mathieu Corbeil may be sad that he lost  the CHL goaltender of the week award to Calvin Pickard of the Seattle Thunderbirds, he can be reassured in his recent success by being ranked the # 2 goalie in the QMJHL. Yes, he's ahead of Maxime Clermont. That is sooooo cookie worthy. 

Corbeil had previously also been listed as a player to watch in the QMJHL.

Hockey's future has also released the ISS top 30 with a list of rising and falling NHL hopefuls. Corbeil and Hannay are both RISING.

Mathieu Corbeil-Theriault, G -- Halifax Mooseheads
Height: 6.05.7 Weight: 186
Corbeil has had four outstanding games in a row for the last-place Halifax Mooseheads, three have been wins where he was named the first star of the game. Seems to be turning corner; positioning is better, battling, better rebound control, and flashing a quick glove.

Sawyer Hannay, RD -- Halifax Mooseheads
Height: 6.04 Weight: 190
Tough and respected. Word is already circulating that there is a new heavyweight champ in the QMJHL after young Hannay went toe-to-toe with Ashton Bernard in Cape Breton. Not afraid of anybody. Team-first guy. Teammates love him. Any NHL team selecting after the fifth or sixth round looking for character will find it in aces with this kid.

Congrats boys


RedFridayGirl said...

Congratulations to all of the players in the preliminary rankings for the 2010 draft. YOu guys work hard and deserve it.

Also props to Corbeil and Hanny on making the list for rising NHL hopefuls.... Keep up the amazing work..

This season is getting more and more exciting.. Good luck at your away games this weekend.

Q-girl said...

This season IS getting very exciting. My hope has returned. It feels nice.

RedFridayGirl said...

Let's hope that your hope wasn't lost.. if you think about it more from a job aspect and not a sport aspect, people have their good and bad days. For most people at these players ages have a job working at a gas station or Tim Hortons, Canadian tire ext. They work a shift and learn things as they go. They have their ups and downs. Hardly any pressure and people don't usually take notice of what they are doing. These players are in the spotlight, people judge, ridicule and comment on everything they do (yes I know that the players knew this when they signed up) but my heart does go out to these boys, they work VERY hard, they put on their public faces but in the end they are still just growing up they are doing the best they can, sometimes people just need to find there spot as a team and it looks like these boys have hit the groove!!!

Way to go team, no matter if you win or lose you will still have fans (even though winning rocks)

Q-girl said...

I would hope that most people realize this.

I had a conversation last season with a friend who was a former QMJHL player about how there is a considerate amount of pressure on these boys and how many fans do not take into consideration that they are, in fact, still teenagers (with all the same hormones and emotional instability we all suffered through as teenagers). This is not NHL caliber hockey here... and yet some people seem to expect that.

While most of the boys in the CHL will not go pro, the fact that they even made it into the CHL is a huge achievement in terms of their hockey careers. Every player has a different role and it is our responsibility as fans to support and encourage all of them.

I get angry when people single out an individual player and proceed to trash them repeatedly. Hopefully it is obvious that this is not my style.