Saturday, October 31, 2009

2 games 1 post

Excuse my lateness. My internet has been shittier than my hockey team's win/loss record.

Halifax vs Montreal Thurs Oct 29

Coming into this game the Montreal Jr were on a 6 game losing streak and were missing Star Goaltender Jake Allen. They were, what was considered by many, ripe for the picking. Apparently not so.

The Mooseheads lost by a score of 6-2 and possibly made me fall asleep. In my dreams Matt Stoddard sometimes looked like he was doing fancy things on the ice. You know the world has turned upside down when Stoddard starts to look like the fanciest boy on the ice for brief bouts.

Players worth mentioning include, and may be limited to: Tomas Knotek, who had both of the Mooseheads goals and who played an excellent game all by himself…starting midway through the game. Well hey…at least someone was able to turn it up...eventually.

Mathieu Corbeil got the start in nets but was pulled after allowing 4 goals in 28 shots, including one 24 seconds into the game. Upon being pulled Mat threw a bit of a tantrum and smashed his stick on the boards. Someone has an angry side. I like it. I expect every goalie to lose their shit at least once, and he who loses it the most fantastically with all the bells, whistles and fireworks is the one I heart the most. I like a guy with a nasty side.

Grondin came on in replacement and was solid, allowing goals only on a penalty shot and on a David Stich breakaway. This is where the horror begins. Now let me explain the penalty shot: Montreal’s Brenton was on a breakaway, he drove the net and he got his shot off. The shot was stopped by Grondin and then Brenton was touched by a Moosehead player…or at least that is what it looked like. Well apparently getting your shot off is not good enough for the refs because they gave him a total BS penalty shot on which he scored.

Fine! Now if that were not bad enough, a couple of minutes later a Moosehead gets hauled down in the offensive zone and David Stich gets a breakaway on the non–call. This also results in a goal. Coach Cam Russel proceeded to lose his shit by grabbing one of the boys sticks and breaking it over the bench. He did not look as good throwing a fit because he was not wearing goalie gear. Needless to say - Bench minor.

When all is said and done Montreal had 42 shots on net while the Moose had a meager 24 with 10 dangerous shots. The Moose went 0/4 on the PP while allowing 2 goals on 7 PP opportunities for Montreal.

Tomas Knotek walks away with 2 goals, a game star, and cookies; while Linden Bahm had an assist and Abeltshauser had 2 assists to ease the pain of his still crippled wrist. Spencer Metcalfe revealed that he likes Scott Stevens but I think he is just saying this to butter me up.

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Halifax vs Cape Breton, Oct 30, 2009

More nap time. Halifax lost to the Screagles by a score of 4-1. The Moose got their first and only goal when Hannay directed a wide shot on net which Linden Bahm was able to redirect…right past Olivier Roy. Hzaaa.

One goal, now it is time to relax, right?

One Moose goal was followed by 4 unanswered goals for the Screagels and yet another Mooseheads loss.

The Eagles had 2 goals on 5 power play opportunities and the Mooseheads were a dismal 0/6 on their own PP. Special teams are going right down the toilet lately. They also lost in the faceoff circle. I am beginning to believe that this team doesn’t even want to win…or they want to get someone fired. In the meantime we all suffer.

Other teams are beginning to realize that if they are on a losing streak (such as the Eagles inability to win at home) the Moose will help them break it. The Mooseheads are currently on an 11 game losing streak and are 1-17-0-1. It is also beginning to look as if they are losing momentum.

Linden Bahm has two points in his last two games. Way to step it up. I am looking for an upper-tier forward boyfriend. Are you available?

Cookies go to Sawyer Hannay who went toe-to-toe with that asshat Ashton Bernard and was not taken down. He got a couple of really great punches on Bernard and I always get excited whenever bad things happen to Ashton Bernard’s face (even though he is a Devils prospect). Whenever Hannay gets to play he moves higher and higher in the boyfriend rankings. I like him: he is tall, he can fight, his nose is not wonky (yet) and he appears to be well groomed. If this gets serious enough I might even consider getting a puppy with him.

Grondin played a pretty good game and made a number of big saves despite allowing 4 goals on 29 shots. He also looks likes his reaction time is getting a bit faster. At least the boy can corral pucks. I have learned, unfortunately, that Grondin did let the animals out of his proverbial 'forbidden petting zoo'. The goats were running about unleashed and got themselves into trouble.* They aren't ever coming home.

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Dear Jessyko,

We need to talk. I don’t think this is working out, you and I. I am not the kinda girl to give ultimatums but I also am not the kinda girl to make spurious decisions – I just don’t know how I feel about you right now. Maybe we should take a break and see how this works out for us. Please don’t cry.



* I don't want to have to follow through on my threat.

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