Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I have no friends

I have started a facebook account for the sole purpose of networking and allowing you, the reader, to have even more access to my insanity.

I will be posting links to new blog posts, general thoughts of extreme skankitude, game videos, new game photos and when I get unlazy - vintage game photos, and any other stupid hockey stuff that stupid people like me find interesting.

I suspect that my first friends will be hockey bloggers. This will gradually be followed by perverts who like looking at pictures of young hockey players, then young girls who want Gabriel Desjardins to be the Edward to their Bella, and eventually some poor chump Moosehead who is trolling for a good facebook profile picture. They do not know that as soon as they dawn the ol' christmas colours of the Moose that they become instantly beautiful and any old picture will do.

For now, all I have posted are some pictures of Mathieu Corbeil in his finest game-time wardrobe and a bit of Garrett Clarke's fight.

What really bewilders me about this whole facebook thing is the fact that I have to have a last name. How silly. I could change my name if I were willing to give them my cell phone number - which I am not. As it is, the handle 'Q-girl' was just something I used when I posted comments on other people's blogs. I kept it for the purpose of having only one internet identity in the hockey bloggers world. I could have, and should have, been much more clever.

So there you have it - on Facebook I am Q-girl LaMoose. Stupid, I know. Friend me if you dare.

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