Friday, July 3, 2009

Ein Augustinerbrau, bitte.

Dearest Konrad

We must celebrate. A toast to Germany. Proust!


Re. the Euro draft

Ok that was a start. The blog has been a little slow going because I am out of province. I am currently in Igloolik Nunavut on a rationed internet feed. It is about 3100 km from Halifax to Igloolik. It is about 5550 km to Bad Tolz Germany, home of our new Euro draft pick Konrad Abeltshauser. Thus I am still closer than Konrad.

Mr Abeltshauser is a bold new departure for the Moose. Really, like, he is not Czech! When was the last time my team had a non-Czech Euro?

The Moose picked Abeltshauser with the 28th overall pick, which they received from Cape Breton in a little trade.

I have been in discussions with my German friend, and future wife of Steve Lund (the game worn jersey gives her dibs) CG, and am now convinced that the Mooseheads have picked Abeltshauser, a Bavarian, for the sole purpose of wooing her back to Halifax. If she has a favorite thing in hockey it is 6’3” defencemen; and if she has a favorite thing in men it is tall Bavarians who can handle their Bier.

If you need to know more just read Matthew Wuest’s blog post. Ohhh it has an updated depth chart. I will file that in my brain under “stupid things I need to know”. It is right up there with “if glia of the fruitfly cannot engage in endocytosis, that fly will die with in 3 days”.

Perhaps I will nickname him " the kaiser". I have to go practice my German now.

Re. The NHL draft:

I am very disappointed by the NHL for failing to recognize talent where they see it. Olivier Roy – 5th round…and to Edmonton. Bah humbug! Sorry kiddo.

…and really New Jersey! Ashton Bernard! I should dump your ass for that one.

Unfortunately, Gabe (the First) got passed over, even though he has more skills than just fighting. Often boys get passed over and their true potential is not realized until they are older. People who watch Jr hockey once a year (you know, at New Years) have no clue what is really available out there. They hear stuff, but they don’t know what these kids actually play like. Then they pretend they know because they read a few scouting reports. Hooey! Sometimes there is bandwagoning for or against a player. That is also hooey.

Often boys get passed over and it doesn’t even mean they were a "slow developer". Nicola Riopel was never slow, he was simply just not favored. He is good, but his team is good defensively and so maybe people doubted him because of it. Philly made a good, albeit boring, choice with Riopel. I mean, he is no Emery or Biron or Hextall, but he is serviceable and would likely make a good husband. There is something decidedly un-Philly like about this pick. They made up for it by acquiring Pronger and Emery. I guess they wanted a little sweet to go with their sour.

I am pissed at Pittsburg for once again selecting one of my favorite players in the Q by choosing Simon Despres with the 30th overall pick. My boyfriend has recommended that I should just be a scout for Pittsburgh since they take all of my favorite fucking players. How the hell am I supposed to hate them when / if they have Talbot, Letang, Despres, Veilleux, and Grant (and maybe just maybe Zach Sill) on their roster. I didn’t always hate MAF you know! There was a time….before he was a Penguin. I swear to God! The Penguin’s scouts are reading my blog and plotting their next move against me.

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