Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I want to tie him to his posts

Ha. Did you honestly think that I have forgotten about Travis Fullerton? You are a fool!

On the Morning of Feb 28th, just a the day before the UNB Varsity reds were to begin their playoff run, their coach Don MacAdam still had not decided who would be the starting goaltender, Fullerton or Yeomans. On March 1st Fullerton got the call and the UNB V-reds have taken down the Acadia Axemen in two contests by a score of 5-2 and 1-0 respectively.

Yep, another shutout for Fullerton, and apparently a pretty nice one. It is soooo cruel that I did not get to see him play this year. It is even crueler that I haven't had a chance to child molest him *sigh*.

David Richie wrote about the game for the Daily Gleaner:

Unfortunately for he and the Axemen, though, was that Fullerton guy standing tall at the other end. The rookie out of Riverview faced only 19 shots, but many were of the dangerous variety, including an attempt by David Lomas with about six minutes to go from a scramble that the Acadia people maintained slipped over the goal line. They pleaded their case to referee Thayer Doyle and the goal judge. Alas, it was not to be.

"I really didn't see where it ended up,'' said Fullerton with a smile. "It was underneath my pad, but honestly, I couldn't tell you if it went in or not.''

So that is that story - dreamy goalie who does good under pressure once again calls upon the devil in help for maintaining his good under pressure status... yet still hasn't called me and said "hey girl, what up? I hear you have a goalie fetish." I can totally be the devil, all he has to do is ask.

In related news the Lewiston MAINEiacs are looking to work out a deal with the Fredericton universities to see if they can move their team to Freddy. A Q team without a home is a sad sad thing.

The Mooseheads Voyageurs game worn jersey auction has begun. Closing date is March 11 at 5:00 pm . The format of the auction kinda sucks - emailing in your bid... what the hell is that? So in the end when there is a bidding war and the bids are not being updated regularly on the website no one will know the price that jerseys are going for and they could end up with 5 final bids on the same jersey for $300 and people will be pissy.

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