Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Poll is always right

First off - Let's just salute tonight with a song

The Halifax Mooseheads defeated the PEI Rocket by a score of 4-2. Sitting out for the Moose were Guillaume Pelletier (of course), Matt Boland ( a bird landed on his shoulder thus injuring it?), McDonald and MacDonald (way to feature him in a story and then let him sit).

I don't know if I didn't notice the PEI Rocket because they actually failed to show up and play or if I just didn't notice them because I was blind in one eye.

PEI goaltender Bobby Nadeau allowed 2 goals in his first 4 shots. Dearest Bobby, tell me where it hurts and I'll kiss it better. Nadeau ended the night with 34 saves on 37 shots (or 36 on 39 depending on where you look for stats on the Q-site)

Mooseheads goaltender Mark Yetman made some of the most fantastic saves when the Moose were trying to hold it down in the third period. A glove save while diving forward? uggg. Dearest Yetman, tell me where it doesn't hurt and I'll kiss it better anyway. Yetman stopped 29 of 31.

I will try to do this in order of appearance (warning, bad curse words within):

Cheremetiev's goal was divine. The first of the game, and if I do say so myself, the absolute best way to start a game. Yuri picked up a rebound off Pender's shot which he then put high on Nadeau. The Moose only had one Power play but they made it totally worth their while.

Lord only knows what happened on the Moose's second goal (by Piette from Desjardins and Cheremetiev). PEI's coach was livid. He bitched and bitched even after the video review but to no avail.

PEI's first goal by Casavant appeared to be some sort of deflection.

Stransky was making a wonderfully shifty play until Guay decided to make love to the ice and block it.

I can't remember what lead to Casavant getting PEI's second goal.

Gabriel Desjardins had an unassisted short handed goal off a shot from the slot, just a couple of feet out from Nadeau. It is nice to actually see guys getting in front of the net for a change. This was the game winner FYI.

Can you spell ZOMBOCRACY. Yeah the reffing was brutal. The Moose had an accumulated 25 minutes of penalty time, while PEI had 11. They took 8 penalties to PEI's 1. At some point we had a penalty, a PEI player was escorted to the box one minute later... then they got a goal...but when I looked at the board we were back to 5 on 5 play. What happened to our PP? Did we have one? Did I miss something? There is no PEI penalty listed for the second period. Maybe the lesson is don't drink and watch hockey. I always thought the two went hand in hand...but then I began to hallucinate imaginary penalties.

So anyway PEI were 1/8 on the power play. Our PK was awesome - or PEI are a bunch of lazy ass hobos.

Tomas Knotek had a penalty shot but couldn't put it past Nadeau.

Simon Olsson is a little cunt*. OK maybe not, because calling him a cunt would be an insult to hard working vaginas his mama's. Olsson tried to start a fight and got Jan Stransky in trouble. Then he did start a fight with Gerrad Grant. What girly fun!!! It is hilarious to see Olsson play tough like a chihuahua. He lost. It was totally a 'watch the weave' fight - ow, the hair. It left Grant with bloodied fingers. I guess he will never be a hand model now.

Unlike some boys on the team *ahem*, Linden Bahm knows how to seal the deal. An empty net goal with 14 seconds remaining in the game left me longing for a smoke... and I don't smoke.

Epic fail QMJHL website! The Q website is listing the match stars as:
  1. PEI - Nadeau, Bobby
  2. PEI - Casavant, Benjamin
  3. PEI - Escott, Jordan
...when they were actually:
1. Hal - Alexis Piette
2. PEI - Benjamin Casavant
3. Hal - Gabriel Desjardins

Rikk has his game photos posted already. Wooo game photos.

Martin Brodeur. First game back. SHUTOUT the Avs 4-0.
Who wants to lick a goalie? If you are pointing at me, you are most definitely correct.

* no real insult intended, I just love the C-word and don't have enough opportunities to use it.

**EDIT- OK so peeps are voting YES in the poll after the game is done and we have defeated PEI. Brilliant. Get brave and vote now!!!

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