Monday, February 2, 2009

I need to be bled dry to quit.

Fourteen wins. The Moose have overcome that nasty "stuck on unlucky # 13" win slump. I was beginning to think they would be stuck on 13 forever. The Halifax Mooseheads have defeated the Montreal Junior 4-3 in regulation. It must have been the hot chocolate, with extra marshmallows.

Here Puppy Puppy? Uh where is Jessyko Bernard? Wuest has the (temporary) lineups for the Mooseheads vs Junior game up already. I am writing as I go. I kept wondering why I did not see Jessyko out there with Piette in the first period. He appears to be some sort of scratch. Now, speaking of scratch, I am just going over here to sharpen my nails. Yes, I am biased. Someone must die for this injustice.


Jake Allen was supposed to start in nets for the Junior, but got a puck to the throat (ouch) in practice, so Bérubé is starting. Mark Yetman is in nets for the Moose. Speaking of poor: is Mathieu ever going to get a start ... or a painted helmet? So underappreciated!!! Will we have to attack Yeti and hurt him, Nancy Kerrigan style, just to get MCT his start? How unfortunate for Mathieu that it does not matter how he performs, he is still not allowed to play.


1st period

Mooseheads: Desjardins with assists by Pender and Knotek

2nd period

Mooseheads: Power Play goal by Piette from MacAskill and Amyot. This was a nice shot taken from the blue line right in front of the net. I don't know exactly how it went down, it might have been a Piette tip in from an Amyot shot.

Junior: Layton from Adam. The Moose defence were a mess on this one, which went high glove side on Yetman.

Mooseheads: Stransky from Bona. Stransky was parked in front of the net... where all good boys park their asses.

Junior: Layton from Adam and Esposito. Adam and Layton had a 2 on 1 rush. Yetman made the save on Adam's shot but did not push left fast enough to get Layton's rebound.

Junior: Esposito from Adam and Layton (one line wonders here). Espo was parked in front of the net - taking out the trashes and fucking with my recyclables.

Tied at 3:3 going into the third

Mooseheads: Power play goal by Gerrad Grant, assisted by Linden Bahm.


  • Moose had a surprising 2 pp goals in 3 opportunities, then shut down the Junior on their 6 tries. Special teams are back in my good graces.
  • It was not the most physical game ever.
  • Yeti's glove hand was snappy like a lobster. He made a snogtastic 29 saves on 32 shots (18 dangerous). We will have to hold off on our Tonya Harding impersonation for now, sorry Matty.
  • Randell's ankle loves to suffer. He took a puck to it at the end of the third, despite this being his first game back from an ankle sprain. I am sure his presence helped considerably on those six PKs.
  • It was a reffing zombocracy. Quebec is apparently overrun with zombies.
  • Knotek, Desjardins and Stransky may be trying to be a bit too fancy sometimes, what with their backwards passing and all.
  • Bona did a good job breaking up a two on one.
  • Game stars were (1) Stransky, (2) Desjardins, (3) Layton
  • Cookies go to Gerrad Grant (or as his mother calls him Gerry, as in "Oh I hate to see Gerry get hit like that"...yeah, I sat next to his mom once, she is kind of a milf) for the game winner.
Wuest- Special teams shine as Mooseheads snap losing streak


"Dave Schultz" said...

dude, you called his mom a milf. you rule.

Q-girl said...

It is my recollection. It was the first game of the season. I remember seeing her and thinking...oh, not bad. I also remember some lady bitching about how much she hates Yetman... story of his life.

"Dave Schultz" said...

she's a smart lady