Sunday, February 1, 2009


Regular sexism is gross (that aimed towards ladies). Only reverse sexism is acceptable (that aimed towards men). Believe it or not I am a feminist... chicks before dicks and all that! No really! I am! Shut up you! It may seem like I really like boys, but the truth is I kinda hate them 'en masse'. They can be OK as individuals, but I presume they are just a mass of walking, breathing, evil, manipulative dicks-for-brains. They generally do nothing to offset my opinion.

What I am about to show you may disturb you, because it sure as hell disturbs me.

Mooseheads' girlfriends lock up your boyfriends! Did you know the Montreal Juniors have ICE GIRLS? Ice girls... in skin-tight short shorts - 'selling sex' in junior hockey!!! Keep it klassy Montreal.


wrap around curl said...

I think we can agree we are all a bunch of feminazi bonerkillers?

eyebleaf said...

Selling sex in junior hockey. Amaaaazing.

Q-girl said...

@wrap. True. When I am not making them, I am breaking them.

@eyebleaf - no one ever clicks my links, but do ya wanna know which link they are suddenly all clicking? Yep, the one to see what the ice girls look like.

It is nothing special guys, just your average girl (older than most of the players mind you) in short shorts. I see prettier girls every day while I am waiting in the lineup at Dal to buy my coffee...the only difference is that the girls buying coffee are not wearing short shorts.

Jenn Casey said...

sweet. Little jimmy can now dream of a half naked girl who cleans up after boys for a living.

Matt said...

I wish the Mooseheads would get some ice girls. When the girls come out to scrape the ice and all the dudes stand up or walk down to the glass to get a better look, the puck bunnies will finally know what's it's like to have someone blocking your view at the hockey game.

Q-girl said...

The dudes don't need ice girls, they spend enough time looking at the puck bunnies as it is. The last thing guys need is more boobs to ogle. Then I will have to listen to drunken frat boys talk about the ice girls boobs for the whole next period.