Sunday, January 11, 2009

You are a princess.

Dear Moose,

Do you lack self esteem? You act like a girl who thinks she is ugly. You need a little confidence. You are not ugly. Today you played like you just got a new haircut. Did somebody tell you that you were pretty? It is true. You are pretty. Now let’s go shoe shopping. Shoes will make us happy. When you are happy you play happy and you are fun to watch, then I am happy. As I said to a friend earlier, hockey teams and their fans are a collective, like the Borg.

Once again Pender, Bernard, Stransky and Pelletier are out for the Moose. Yetman gets the start. Chicoutimi’s goalie is a new guy named John Nauta, an 18 year old American from Rancho Bernardo California, and he is a whopping 6’7” and 210 lbs.


The team played with a lot of energy in the first period - which is expected from a team who gets themselves up and manages to maintain the lead. Key word = confidence.

  • The First goal was by Piette with assists by Desjardins and Louis-XVI
  • The Second goal was by Desjardins with an assist by Louis-XVI.
  • After the second goal Nauta was pulled for Levesque *take a note, Cam. It might make one boy feel bad but there are 19 others on that bench*.
  • There was a lot of end to end puck movement at the end of the first period and overall the Mooseheads outshot the Sags 11-9, won more faceoffs (12-7) and threw more hits.
  • Desjardins was speedy and everywhere
  • Scrums are funny and goalies look so weird just standing there being casual in the middle of it all.


Second period ‘action’ starts with a huge hit by Bona on Roussel at center ice. Saucy talk ensues and Bona gets sent to the box to give the Sags their first PP, in which Paris got a shot off the post, but otherwise the Sags were useless. This is quickly followed by O’Brien getting a penalty for kneeing. O’Brien was supposed to get a minor, but Martel fussed like a baby until he got what he wanted: a five minute misconduct and O’Brien ejected from the game.

The five minute penalty was killed effortlessly (well I assume there was some sweating and stress involved… but they made it look so easy). Yetman played wonderfully in high pressure situations, like with 9 guys seemingly piled within a two foot perimeter around his net.

Shortly thereafter the Sags got their first goal, by Jalbert, on their 16th shot at 11:10 into the second.

Side notes:

  • Linden is speedy and wonderful
  • Knotek had a good chance but fanned on it.
  • Sags picked it up in the second, but it had very little result with ample opportunities.
  • Almost fights would be better if they were real fights.


  • Goal by Bahm – mmmm bahm. Long time, no goal. Assists were by Amyot and Cheremetiev.
  • O’Connor had a nice defensive zone hit on Roussel
  • Louis-XVI had a rush and a shot. Give him kisses.
  • Damn - the Sags pull up to our bumper with a goal by Jalbert (his second); a short side goal that squeezed between Yetman and the post… or so I am told by Moore.
  • Ooooh fuckers – sags goal by Hlinka – tied at 3, with less than four minutes remaining.

OT: I was cooking supper – bad time to leave a game, I know.


Tomas Knotek gets a goal on Levesque, Desjardins breaks his stick on the shot and Yuri goes wide. Please stop putting Yuri in on shootouts. No cookies for whomever makes the shootout list. Yetman stopped all three shooters and did his best imitation of a well padded human carousel in celebration. It was enjoyable.

The game stars were:

  1. HAL - Amyot, Pascal
  2. CHI - Jalbert, Dominic
  3. HAL - Desjardins, Gabriel


eyebleaf said...

Couldn't supper wait?

Q-girl said...

It had been waiting for 1 hour. A boyfriend can only tolerate a hockey crazy girlfriend for so long... even if he is the chef in the family. Someone has got to chop the mushrooms.

I moved my computer to the kitchen with one minute left in OT.

wrap around curl said...

Hey Moose, you sure are swell and I'd like to take you out for a chocolate soda sometime. You can wear my class ring.

Oh wait, girls aren't supposed to say that.

Q-girl said...

what about your varsity team jacket?

eyebleaf said...

OK, as long as you didn't forego the entire overtime, we're cool.