Thursday, January 1, 2009

Someone looks good in red...

...but I am still waiting to get him permanently into a Devils Jersey. Me-fuckin'-ow.

Patrice Cormier rocking the red (photo courtesy of IIHF)

Check out the IIHF photogallery. Ohh look... it is Tomas Knotek with the Czechs. Why is it important to go right to the IIHF page? Well, there are more Q players playing for foreign teams than there are Q boys playing for Canada, and those boys are important too. So if you need to keep track of Kulikov (Russia), Stich, Knotek, Piskacek (Czech), Reul and Pielmeier (Germany) etc etc etc - then the IIHF stats webpage is the place to be.

FYI Knotek has 3 goals and 1 assist in 4 games. Put him in a different jersey and he still looks like some sort of small, icy, mythical woodland creature... except he as gotten more goals in his last 4 games with the Czechs than he did in his last 4 games with the Moose. Let's hope he comes home swingin'.


wrap around curl said...

What a hottieeeeeee

Q-girl said...

He is so much more than that. But never underestimate the seductive powers of a red jersey, and a Devils jersey in particular.