Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rumour me this: Did Yeti hurt his groin?

...playing hockey that is. Last night I was checking my site meter and I saw this inquiry

Dumaresque called up, really?

So I began my internet hunt for this goaltending basket of puppies. I found him in Restigouche. Damn. I did not know he got traded from Summerside in mid November. Restigouche are poo.

Dumaresque is a 1000 puppies in a basket of kitten (tiger) skins

This morning on the message boards there were rumours that Yetman pulled his groin during Saturday's game against the Voltigeurs. Lucky for him that groin pull only prohibits him from being an effective skater.

Take it for what it is worth- a rumor. Maybe happy circumstance that allows me to point at Yetman and laugh. Yet it is a goalie rumor so I absolutely must blog it.

Evidence at last. So much for Yeti finding his groove.

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