Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Go Banana!

We lost ... again... because our motto for late 2008 was "never two in a row". But all that is about to change in 2009. Right? "Go banana", oops I mean "Go Mooseheads". We shall not continue to be the Ralph Wiggums of the QMJHL.

So yeah, clearly I am not on the ball with this post, since the game was last night. A pre-game wine, a game-time beer and some post-game Baileys has a tendency to do that to a girl...especially when she has to drink to keep it fun because that game was a snoozefest. This is coming from a NJ Devils fan.

To sit though all of that only to lose on a lucky bounce and wrap around goal from Brandon Street, for PEI, with 20 seconds left in overtime - it drained everyone. I mean everyone. It is like we in the crowd don't even care anymore. The funnest part of the night was an older gentleman leaning over the railing at the end of the game yelling at Simon Olsson to "eat something and grow".

The game program was the second funnest - Jessyko is apparently hairy like a puppy, which means my moniker for him is fitting.

Some of the boys made new Years resolutions: Mark Yetman is going to prevent his brother from scoring on him when the team plays Shawinigan - well there is a challenge, seeing as Brad is a stay at home defenceman with only 2 goals to his name in 75 career games. Yes, aim high, little buddy. Corbeil is going to cut back on the cookies (I haven't been giving him that many cookies) and Piette is aiming for the full Dick Dastardly.

It looks like the parents made the boys shave over X-mas so they will all have to start re-cultivating their moustaches.

But the game...
As I said it was boring. Mooseheads lost 2-1 in OT, giving us a point but we maintain our position as the second worst team in the league just 2 points ahead of Val d'Or, one back of Baie Comeau. It tastes like burning.

My eyes kept wandering to Bona and O'Connor, who were playing in a very calm and collected manner. When I sit near males all I ever hear is "bitch bitch bitch Bona". When I sit near females all I hear is "Bona does not panick, he is so calm". So take your pick Bona, take your pick. I prefer Bona as calming presence, not the thing that makes males behind me scream in my ear "God damn Bona". Last night they were screaming God Damn MacAskill instead, so it was a bit of a reprieve.

Ditto O'Connor. So fucking smooth last night. I was going to give O'Connor the cookies but I felt that Mathieu has been on such a bad run lately that maybe he could use the cookies, and especially now before the new years resolution kicks in. Mathieu Corbeil made 34 saves on 36 shots in the loss last night, including a save midway through the second that saw him flash the leather with cat like reflexes. He made a pad save which bounced off of a Rocket player and quickly came back to him, high on the glove side. No goal - followed of course by massive applause (and it rained cookies).

1) Where was Bobby Nadeau? We only have 4 dates all year and the bastard stood me up. Instead I get Evan Mosher, oh how that boy can stretch (in warmups). He didn't really have to make any big saves, hence why he got the win, and hence why I must remind my team "go banana"
2) No goals for PEI on the power play = Go orange
3) Randell - control the puck before you try to shoot it, shots into the mesh do not count - Go banana
4) We were out-hit by a team of midgets: 54 to 11. That pretty little Olsson girl had 6 hits. Bona, O'Connor, McDonald, Pender, and MacAskill combined for NO hits. Go banana.
5) ohhh faceoffs. Once again, apart from Piette, the Mooseheads were a big "go banana".
6) Stransky getting a game misconduct 5-6 minutes into his home debut. WTF? At least someone was trying to hit, albeit in a shifty and evil way.

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Frankly I like my title better, non? It is so much more informative. It reflects how I, as a fan, feel when I am cheering on this team.

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