Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Well that lasted long

According to Matthew Wuest, newly acquired Czech winger Radek Vlasanek has quit the Mooseheads. Radek played two games with the Moose but remained off the points sheet. According to Wuest: Vlasanek "did not feel comfortable in Halifax. " Oopsie. There goes a 6th round draft pick.

My guess is he did not want to do that "celebrity waiter" gig that the team held today at Boston Pizza to raise money for Special Olympics.

In an article in yesterday's Northern Light newspaper the Titan explain the situation surrounding Radek's time in Bathurst and his departure.

After seeing him in action over the last month, Couturier said the team decided Vlasanek wasn't bringing anything to the team that some of its younger players could.

"At first, we didn't expect to keep 24 players (to start the season)," he said. "But with the young players coming to camp and doing so well, we decided to go with 24. I talked to Radek and basically, as a 19-year-old European, we felt he has to be on the top two lines and we didn't see him being ahead of our young players at this time."

...Vlasanek was a healthy scratch for his final two games with the Titan, Oct. 3 and 4, and finished his time with the Titan with two goals and one assist in eight games.

"By the second game (he was scratched), we knew we had a deal done," pointed out Couturier. "It was just a question of the league approving the deal. It was something we had talked to Halifax about for a few weeks."

I could comment on this shenaigans but I would rather throw my hands in the air and mutter thusly "grumble grumble grumble fucknuts".


Moosehabs said...

Another brilliant Patenaude acquisition.

Q-girl said...

Don't try to explain it, or justify it, or waste your time blaming anyone; just mumble incoherently under your breath for the next week or two. Either that or just have a couple of libations.