Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sick kisses to my Titan boyfriend.

This morning I pointed out to real boyfriend that my Titan boyfriend Tomy Joly had gotten a two game suspension for elbowing some Oceanic player in the head. He must have elbowed another small guy. I might have had a problem with it had he elbowed Keven Veilleux (unlikely - too tall for Tomy to reach) or Patrice Cormier (in NJ), but he elbowed some other Oceanic player, so I could care less (because I also dislike the Oceanic).

Real boyfriend was disappointed with me, stating "ugh, you have a Titan boyfriend - have you no standards?" Clearly not!!! However this insult was coming from my boyfriend - a Chris Pronger fan, you know, Chris Pronger - "I didn't elbow him. He skated into my elbow... it is not my fault everyone else is so short and I am so tall (and pussywhipped)."

Unfortunately, Bathurst have been winning more games than they were predicted to, with 3 wins and one overtime loss in 4 games. No one was expecting this.
Just ask Nathan.

The Mooseheads are currently playing the Titan at the K.C. Irving Regional Centre in Bathurst (Yes, the Irvings have their fingers in all of the New Brunswick pies). The penalties are overwhelming, 5 penalties for us and 4 against the Titan in the first period alone. They have one power play goal, and we now (early in the second) have three. Bathurst are currently fighting off three penalties in a row which gave the Mooseheads back-to-back five-on-threes. Damn these refs and their zombocratic power trips. Should I really be upset that the Titan are getting screwed by the refs - Nah!

Come here Titan boyfriend Tomy Joly. I hate you! Kiss Me! Why, you ask? Well first off you are cute and you have nice lips, but mostly I want to kiss you because I am sick and I need you to spread these cooties to your Titan brethren.

My number one QMJHL boyfriend Mathieu Corbeil is getting his first QMJHL start and he is looking quite good. I will not kiss him today. We might need him to be healthy later. As of right now he has allowed one PP goal on 10 shots with 6 dangerous shots. Mathieu is so big. When he is out at the top of the crease he takes up so much net, even in the butterfly.

End of the Second:
Somehow with 3:25 to go in the second the Titan have managed to tie it up 3-3 with two even strength goals. I need to pay attention to the game so I am going to stop typing and watch the third period. So far the Titan have out-shot us 21-17.

There were no goals in the third. I have noticed that Nicolas Champion (Titan) does scoot out of the crease and play the puck during the PP. I was unsure of whether or not he was a puck handler. Mathieu Corbeil is not doing this. I still insist that our coaching staff must be telling our goalies not to go out and play the puck frequently. They seem to be allowed to go behind the net and stop the puck or hand it off - that is all. It cannot be a coincidence that boys who guard our net rarely/never play the puck. I have become obsessed with our general lack of puck handling.

I want to watch a whole game from directly above the goalie. BEST VIEW EVER. Overall Corbeil has been pretty solid while facing lots of high pressure moments, including a point-blank shot in the third, and stopping 31 of 34 shots in regulation.


An unassisted goal by Chad Earle with about 1 minute left in OT gets the Moose the game. This was Chad's first QMJHL goal.

Hooray for my #1 QMJHL boyfriend, MCT, for getting his first ever QMJHL win and for having a 0.92 save %. The Moose PK was good, killing off 8 of 9 penalties. Jessyko Bernard (Alex MacDonald, Scott McDonald), EL-XVI (Alex Piette, and Gabriel O'Connor), Ben MacAskill (Justin Pender) and Chad Earle had goals for Halifax. Wow. Points for everyone today.

Lambke, Jezegou and Jean-Bouliane had goals for the Titan, with assists by Renaud, Blanchard, Paris, Faille, and Lessard.

The three stars for the game were:

  1. BAT - Faille, Éric
  2. HAL - Corbeil-Thériault, Mathieu
  3. BAT - Jean-Bouliane, Mathieu
Hooray again for Mathieu. (edit - our Mathieu)

Other news and links:
Former Moosehead Bryce Swan has been cut by Detroit. Matthew Wuest has suggested that he may still get an ECHL contract.

Despite recent reports that Guillaume Monast has earned a contract with the Dallas Stars, the Stars website says that Guillaume has been reassigned to his junior team (now the Quebec Remparts).

A Boston Bruins prospect report on the New England Hockey Journal covers former Mooseheads Brad Marchand and Andrew Bodnarchuk, as well as Val d'Or forward Maxime Sauve. There is also this article by Frank Campbell which covers the Boston Training camp here in Halifax.

Linden Bahm was listed the CHL hot player of the week for the QMJHL by Patrick King at Sportsnet.

Justin Goldman reviews Peter Delmas (Lewiston MAINEiacs) at the Colorado Avalanche camp.


wrap around curl said...

Chris Pronger?! UGHHHH.

Q-girl said...

I am more disturbed by Pronger's being so pussywhipped than I am by his dirty play. I like nasty men.