Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hmmmmmmmm, What up Corsi?

Despite previous reports (Friday, August 1st) that 20 year old former Mooseheads Centreman PJ Corsi had signed a contract with the Charlotte Checkers, an ECHL affiliate of the NY Rangers, an article from Drummondville newspaper L'express (published August 2nd) actually denies these reports.

According to L'express, while Corsi's camp concedes that talks with the Checkers are very advanced, the truth remains that as of August 2nd he had not yet signed with them. This is because his main focus is to secure a place at an upcoming NHL training camp. His interest is not to play exclusively in the ECHL, but to instead play for an organization that can offer him a contract linked to the AHL or NHL.

Apparently Corsi has had plenty of offers from the likes of Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh affiliates, but because they could not offer him a place at their NHL or AHL training camps he has turned them down. The Rangers, however, have at least guaranteed him a spot at the Hartford Wolfpack training camp. No contracts have yet been signed because the Rangers cannot guarantee Corsi a try out with the big club.

Also, if Corsi fails to report to Drummondville due to acquiring a professional contract, the Mooseheads will owe the Voltigeurs some compensation. When we originally traded Corsi this year at the draft (to complete the Bouchard trade at Christmas) it was for 3rd, 4th and 7th round draft picks in 2008 and a 4th in 2009.

Damn, are we not already screwed enough? We are beyond sore!!! It appears as if we will owe them 2 future draft picks should PJ actually fail to report to Drummondville.


wrap around curl said...

My darling David Rutherford is going to the Checkers as well. Maybe he can hang out with Corsi. David has a tattoo of Chilly Willy with a hockey stick. I saw a picture of it on the facebook.

Q-girl said...

It is weird that I am the first Local person to report this because this news is a bajillion days old (bajillion now = 5; wow bajillion is really getting up there), and yet no one in the English speaking half of our league has acknowledged it.

In other more personal news, my boyfriend has gone away for three days. I expected goalies to start popping up like mercats - I had hoped that they could sense that I have been left all alone and desperate for love. Alas no!

I was left in such a pitiful state that I even watched rent-a-goalie tonight just to get my fix. Sad huh?

Q-girl said...

oops, what is a mercat? I should have spelled that meerkat (i think)

wrap around curl said...

Yes, meerkat. Otherwise I think a mercat is like half mermaid half cat.

Q-girl said...

oh, now i have to make a halloween costume for my cat. She will hate me but she will be beautifully fishy while doing it.