Thursday, July 31, 2008

Team Canada Showing Pleases Dog Lovers

DAMN, check out the following quotes in bold!!! RAWR!!!!
The following excerpt is taken from a story by MARC HUDON For The Telegraph-Journal

Three Saint John Sea Dogs have completed the first step to realizing their dream of representing Canada at the 2009 World Junior Hockey Championships.

Sea Dogs leading scorer Chris DiDomenico along with defencemen Yann Sauve and Alex Grant were among 47 of the country's best junior hockey players invited to Ottawa this week for the national junior team development camp.

...Sauve and Grant, who each tower a shade under six-foot-three, were two of the biggest skaters in camp.

"We're both really big guys and like to play rough," said Grant.

"We're not going to shy away from anyone at any time."

Sauve in particular made his on-ice presence known, exchanging blows with Team White players on several occasions and creating havoc for opposing forwards with his physical play during an intense final scrimmage Tuesday.

"I like to play like that," said Sauve.

"I should always be playing like that. I'm a big guy and I like to play physical."

His rugged style attracted cheers from the hundreds of fans in attendance. It also garnered coveted attention from the coaching staff.


wrap around curl said...

RAWR! I like the sound of that.

Q-girl said...

I like big boys AND I like it rough and physical.

I need both of these boys hockey for me!

wrap around curl said...

BTW, that logo is epic.

wrap around curl said...

And those are going on shirts, right?

Q-girl said...

Can you submit your own images for zazzle shirt designs?

I want to fix the paw...i will probably mix it up in Corel, which is easier for drawing. This was done in photoshop.

wrap around curl said...

Yes you can. It's super easy to set up a zazzle. And then you can put the logo on all sorts of shirts. Like girl cut, girl hoodie, hoodie, etc.

wrap around curl said...

And Jenn wants you to know the logo is lovely.

"Dave Schultz" said...

YES the logo kicks ass. i love it SO much it's not even funny. I asked Wrap to let you know, i'm in between internet. no, i'm on vacation.