Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sprig on Sprig action

Brett Morrison (Gatineau, PEI, Rouyn Noranda) was born in a mushroom, near a lake, in a magical forest, in a secret part of Cape Breton. He grew up playing sprig, on elf, on woodsprite scrimmages on that very lake every winter until one day the QMJHL came calling. In 2007 he met some Magical Ducks who offered him a chance to transform from a wee Caper sprig to a talking duck on blades. He was excited, but then those Magical ducks vanished, presumably kidnapped by a wicked witch.

In an attempt to become a real boy he decided to go to StFX University and play hockey with the the other real boys. FYI University hockey does not make you a real boy, case in point - Cam Fergus is still a wee sprig. Matthew Wuest has the story:

It's been a quiet summer, but here's some interesting QMJHL news: The St. Francis Xavier X-Men have recruited Rouyn-Noranda Huskies centre Brett Morrison.

Morrison, from Howie Centre, was one of the QMJHL's most prolific offensive forwards. He is also a draft pick of the Anaheim Ducks, who retain his NHL signing rights until June 1, 2009.

He will play 2008-09 with the X-Men unless he inks a deal with the Ducks out of training camp, and will look to parlay that season into an NHL contract by his signing deadline.

Morrison is coming off back-to-back 90-point campaigns in the Q.


wrap around curl said...

Wait, is there seriously a team called the X Men? Awesome.

Q-girl said...

yep. the AUS has both the X-men and the Axe-men here in Nova Scotia. people from X have possibly the worlds most recognizable universiity grad ring - it just has a big X on it.

it is pretty cool.
some people choose to go there just to get the ring. no - really!

wrap around curl said...

I would have went there!