Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Lindenbaum

Is it a harbinger of good or bad fortune that my facebook's 'German word of the day' is Lindenbaum, given that the Mooseheads have acquired a 19 year old winger named Linden Bahm (pronounced Bay-m) for the upcoming season?

According to German word of the day Lindenbaum [n] is any of various deciduous trees of the genus Tilia heart-shaped leaves and drooping cymose clusters of yellowish often fragrant flowers; several yield valuable timber...

What does it all mean? Surely the hockey gods are not trying to tell me that this kid is lumbering, a wooden skater, or the most unfortunate of all - deciduous. We most definitely do not need some kid whose skills are 'falling off at maturity'. Perhaps what the hockey gods are trying to tell me is that the boy has a sturdy trunk and stands like a pillar - a pillar of leadership. Either that or he has fragrant hair growing in cymose clusters. Thus my desire to smell fluffy pre-game hair should not be reserved for goalies alone.


Heather said...

His hair probably smells like coconuts.

I told Jenn that's what Drayson Bowman probably smells like.

Q-girl said...

mmmmmmm coconuts.

When I met and shook Pier's hand at the mall, my right hand suddenly smelled prettier than my left hand (yes I am a dork and I totally smelled my hand afterward). His hands were very soft, softer than a boys hands should be. He had probably recently been testing products in the body shop. I have pretty much convinced my self that this is true. He is definitely a "boy you might want to smell" - I should make that a blog category

Pier is soooo damn coooooo. Our love could not be appropriately acknowledged due to the presence of our respective significant-others. Stupid reality based relationships always getting between me and my goalies.

Pier's girlfriend is so normal it is refreshing, no high-maintenance tarts for him. I think I like him more because I approve of his girlfriend...and he wears glasses which makes him a secret nerd, thus projecting my unhealthy Pelletier directed love into even higher planes of orbit.

Das coo-leibe my pretty pretty future businessman.

Heather said...

I love it when you find out hockey players wear glasses. It makes me smile.

And good for him for having a nice normal girlfriend. None of these overly done made up puck sluts. That is not good for these boys.

I think we need a pretty smelling boy category.

Sean Avery wears Old Spice. Ugh.

Q-girl said...

I would totally date Pier's girlfriend - I approve of her that much.

Hey I wear old spice deodorant. Girl deodorant smells bad - vanilla Chai Secret is just sickening. I will get on establishing a boys you might want to smell category.

I am thinking Michael Kirkpatrick smells of cookies, but that would be because I imagine myself spending all day in a kitchen baking him cookies, and he would sit there at my kitchen table eating cookie after cookie. We can talk about how shitty it is to be from Cape Breton and how role players are way cooler than 'stars'.