Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How the F*** did I miss this?

Travis Fullerton will be suiting up for the UNB Varsity Reds.

Dear Travis
I check the damn Sea Dogs website, as well as all of those stupid NB newspapers every day- looking for any indication that you would be doing something goaltender-y with your life, and yet somehow I missed this news. I should keep a closer eye on the Sea Dogs message boards. Apparently there was a little blurb about you hiding deep within Saturday's the Telegraph Journal Sports Journal.

FREDERICTON - Former Saint John Sea Dogs goaltender Travis Fullarton will attend the University of New Brunswick next season and play for the Varsity Reds hockey team, coach Gardiner MacDougall confirmed Friday. The 20-year-old Riverview native led the Saint John Sea Dogs to the first playoff berth in their three-year history last season, posting a 2.98 goals against average in 46 regular season appearances. He'll battle last season's backup, Derek Yeomans, for work with the reigning Atlantic University Sport champions and Canadian Interuniversity Sport silver medalists.

Ugh, they spelled your name wrong! Who do I have to punch for that injustice?

Oh son, Halifax has two universities in the AUS, and you best be knowing that I am suddenly going to start attending AUS games. We will have soooo many dates next year that it is not funny. I will
even be attending games at Saint Mary's University !!! How will you know me, you ask? I will be the one holding a drool bucket under my head.

Remember how I said my panties were getting 'all back up on me' when I hadn't heard anything about you in lo' these past three months. Well they are off! They are gone! They magically just up and left the minute I spotted this news. I passed out, and when I awoke my panties were missing. I went to my dresser to get myself fixed up and all of my other panties were gone as well. There is currently a small parade of re-animated panties making its way up the highway towards Riverview, New Brunswick.

Thank you for maintaining your goaltender-y status. Now I no longer have to call you citizen Fullerton, although I was kinda getting used to that name. Ugh, I think I love you. Should I call off the search for a new boyfriend?

You should hire a body guard!

Obsessively yours,

edit -

Is it weird that I just dropped an ovary? When I went to inspect the dropped ovary I drooled on it, thus ruining it. I am a mess with joy.
There is another mention of Travis in the Daily Gleaner

"You need two top quality goaltenders to meet the standards and expectations of the program," said MacDougall. "Obviously both are going to play and both have a great pedigree," he said. "Obviously Derek has earned some keep by coming here in his first year, and I thought he was outstanding. But I like Travis Fullerton's background. He's an overachiever. Every team he's played for, he's been told he has to earn the spot, so he's used to being in that position. He's a gamer and a competitor and he's going to make that position better for us. "

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