Thursday, June 19, 2008

We no longer say his name. He is known only as :<[ )

Matthew Wuest has a new article and interview with :<[) in today's issue of the Metro. In it they discuss his re-entering the draft and why on Earth anyone would turn down a contract with the Anaheim Ducks. You know I am just gonna rip it.

The 20-year-old from Alder Point has already been drafted once — 38th overall by the Anaheim Ducks — and is re-entering the draft after turning down the team’s contract offer.

“Even if I don’t get drafted, if there are a few teams interested, I can handpick the best situation for me,” said Swan, who becomes an unrestricted free agent if he’s not selected.

...By his own admission, Swan had a mediocre over-age season in Halifax. His production slipped from 35 goals to 25 goals, and at times, he was used as a fourth-line centre.

That resulted in a three-year contract offer from the Ducks that Swan said “wasn’t where I wanted it to be.” He had been offered a more lucrative deal the previous summer.

Swan and agent Tim Cranston turned their backs on the Ducks, not only unhappy with the offer but also concerned Swan might get buried on a deep team with tremendous youth.

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