Sunday, June 22, 2008

This is Mathieu Brodeur: He is a big teddy bear.

Mathieu Brodeur is a rookie defenceman who plays for the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles. He was drafted 76th overall by the phoenix Coyotes. People like Mathieu because he is big, and you never miss him when he is on the ice - this is because he is big. Big boys are fun. Also, he is adorable (when he is not growing a playoff moustache). Check out his profile on the Screaming Eagles homepage.

This season Mathieu played more of a stay-at-home type of defensive role, and we are fine with that because stay-at-home defencemen are the loveliest, strapingest, scrappiest of things. Better yet is the fact that he is not prone to taking dumb penalties. Mathieu played 69 of 70 regular season games this year and had 1 goal, 6 assists and only 27 penalty minutes.

Ugh, that one goal will kill us all. It is the bain of my sweet P-O Pelletier's existence. We (the Mooseheads) were in a 12 round overtime shootout with the Screaming Eagles when, who of all people, gets the game winning goal - Brodeur. I should hate him for that and that alone...but I cannot. He is big, he does not take dumb penalties, he is not afraid of crying in public, and his name is Brodeur* - I can not think of four more valid reasons to like a guy.

*no, he is not related to Marty.

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