Friday, June 6, 2008

Dear Wuest, I am stealing your post and your picture

You cannot trade Whitey and keep Yeti: they are roomies, they are BFFs, they are the breads in my Q-girl/Mooseheads sandwich of next season. Matthew Wuest has this to say about Andrew White and the Newf contingent (Yeti, Pender-bender), in regards to this years pre-draft trades.

"It's not a huge shock that Halifax Mooseheads general manager Marcel Patenaude calls goaltender Mark Yetman his only "confirmed" 20-year-old for 2008-09.

Andrewwhite_2 Yetman earned the right to start in the QMJHL with an outstanding finish to the 2007-08 season, as he was perhaps the Mooseheads' best and most consistent player in the playoffs.

Patenaude did say an “incredible offer” could sway him on Yetman, but was less definite on Andrew White.

“If we get a player plus another 20, it’s not that we don’t like Andrew White, it’s a situation where if we get an offer for Andrew White, we’ll be listening to it,” he said.

...So the real question is, who will be Halifax’s third 20-year-old next season? ...

If you were wagering, Pender wouldn’t be a bad bet. He’s certainly got the most upside, because he’s a fairly mobile 6-foot-4 and has a bomb of a shot. He struggles with decision-making at times and wasn’t as assertive last season as he could have been, but he didn’t get enough credit for his solid play in the post-season."

Patenaude, if you trade White I will break your motherfucking French ass. I don't care if he has caterpillars for eyebrows, I still love him. Go ahead, test me. You are this close to seeing just what a 5'1" 105 lb girl can do.


Wuest has another blog post discussing the importance of having some veteran players around to guide the wee spriggins. I agree. Most of our fans do not - that is because most of our fans are chumps. Also, you must ice a somewhat competitive team. You cannot put a complete bomb out there. Honestly, who the fuck wants to show up to 34 games, at least 24 of which are losses.

I just wish we had a new goalie coach. If we bring in MCT to back-up Yeti, Dallaire is totally going to break him.

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