Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quebec Remparts acquire Lavigne and Marshall

According to reports coming out of the Quebec press the Quebec Remparts have acquired defenseman Kevin Marshall from the Lewiston MAINEiacs and (soon to be) 20 year old netminder Charles Lavigne from the Moncton Wildcats.

I was wondering what would happen to Charles. Boo that he is in the West now. I loved his wandering all over the ice, helmet lifting and poke-checking ways. Charles knows what a girl likes - so many poke-checks. It is like he was putting on a show just for me - it wasn't always a great show, but I am eternally greatful to Charles for doing many of the things I want my goalies to do.

Within the next week Quebec are also expected to get their grubby hands on my sweet defenseman Guillaume Monast. I will not let them have him. Guillaume and I are currently sharing a bottle of wine while being 'up in a tree'. Patrick Roy will have to get a stair car or climb this tree to pry Guillaume from my small, stumpy-fingered, grabby hands.

Then after Roy snatches Guy from my drunken, warm, bosomy embrace and forces him to play for Quebec next year, all the people from Halifax will bitch and moan about how awesome Guy is and why couldn't he play like that for us and whaa whaa whaa. Then I will say "you should have appreciated a good thing while you had it dumb bitches".

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